The 4th Annual Conference is scheduled for March 28, 2020 and is expected to host 300+ women from across the front range and several nearby states. 

Opportunities for vendors for the 2020 conference has not been opened. We are currently revising our options for you based on your feedback and we will share them in the fall.

If you are interested in sponsoring our event, please reach out to us. Sponsors help us keep the cost of tickets down. We thank you for your interest in supporting the Catholic Women’s Conference of Denver.


The Inaugural Denver Catholic Women’s Conference took place on March 25, 2017 and brought nearly 200 women and 20 vendors to this amazing and spiritually filled day. The 2nd Annual Conference took place on April 28, 2018 and hosted 304 women and 20 vendors. The 3rd Annual Conference took place on April 27, 2019 and hosted 315 women and 25 vendors.